We have been importing Czech crystal and glass into the United States for over 25 years. Our work in the industry originated in the Czech Republic itself where our relationships with prominent glass makers began nearly four decades ago. Throughout the many years in the industry we have maintained close relationships with the ever changing network of Bohemian glass manufactures. To this day, this very network which is made up of a variety of glass makers, each with their own unique specialties and capabilities, is what allows us to accommodate different project requests.

What is our focus?

Our business focuses on handmade and hand blown crystalware and glassware products, but we also accommodate larger projects that require faster turnaround times using automatic machine production. We predominantly manage the manufacture of stemware, tumblers, decanters, pitchers, giftware, lighting, trophies and awards.

What capabilities do you offer

Within the scope of our products, customers can also choose from a variety of decorative services to embellish and customize their assortments. Decorative services include: sand blasting, pantograph etching, engraving, painting, high enamel, screen printing, spraying, glass cutting, and decorating glassware with gemstones such as the Bohemian garnet.

What is your job in this process

Our job is to help your business realize its vision by bridging and managing communication; effectively managing time and resources by connecting you with the best source of production; and helping you stand out with some of the world’s best glass craftsmanship.

I have a project in mind, what do I do?

Have a project in mind? Let us help you get started. Please email us at martinka [at] with project questions and details.