Give a Gift and Make Someone Special Smile Today

Making others happy is a true achievement; it is selfless and yet highly gratifying. How we do this can be in many different ways. But, one thing is for sure that when you hit the chord of happiness in someone’s heart it plays loud and clear.

A smile is the clearest result of happiness. Watching as dimples curve upward cheek to cheek and the glimmering light of the soul lights up like embers in the flash of a breeze, you know that happiness, at least in the moment, truly exists. So, how can we continue to keep these embers burning not just in the moment but every step of the way?

We here at Martinka Crystal want to help you do just this: create happiness. We want to replicate happiness over and over again, mulitply it by a billion and divided by millions so that you can share with anyone.

Crystal Wine Glasses Wrapped in Damask Black Onyx

To help you create your own happiness for a family member, a friend, a lover or even for yourself, we make it easy to give a special and unique gift to anyone. Our goal is to help you suprise and delight someone in your life.

We proudly offer our products as beautiful gifts, that we gift wrap ourselves with designs that are both versitile and suitable for any occasion. Further, we pride ourselves in the way we package your gifts and we always do our best to ensure that you’ll receive them just the way you ordered them (after all it is crystal and it is fragile).

So in this post we will take the time to walk you through the steps of our packaging and gift wrapping routine to help you see exactly how carefully we prepare your crystal gifts. We hope to keep your smile going every step of the way and from the moment your gift set leaves our facility to the moment its has been completely unwrapped.

Step One:First and foremost, we start off by performing a quality check on your crystal glasses. Because it is crystal and glass and it is either handmade or hand cut, please know there may be slight imperfections in each glass that occur during the manufacturing stage, but that’s what gives each product its charm. However, we do check for any defects that may be caused while your product is stocked.

Hand Cut Crystal Red Wine Glasses


Step Two: Next, we individually wrap each piece with beautiful tissue paper. Our tissue paper helps protect the crystal or glass, and we’d also like to think it helps build more suspense during the gift-giving and unraveling process.

Red Wine Crystal Glasses Set of 4

Step Three: After each piece is carefully wrapped in tissue paper, we start building a safety zone for your crystal and glass. We do this by individually wrapping each glass in an additional layer of bubble wrap.


Crystal Red Wine Goblets

Step Four: Once the bubble wrap is applied, we place each glass set into the first box. Each glass is separated by a barrier to help protect against movement and shifting.

Step Five:We close up the first box and begin the gift wrapping stage. You have the choice of two elegant gift wraps: Damask Black Onyx and Polka Dot Pearl. We then finish off the look with a small little bow.

Crystal Wine Glasses Wrapped in Damask Black Onyx

Crystal Wine Glasses Wrapped in Damask Black Onyx

Step 6: Your gift wrapped present is then wrapped in another layer of protective bubble wrap and then place into a shipment box. To help protect against movement, pressure or handling a layer of packing material is created.

Crystal Wine Goblets Set of 4

Step 7: Your gift is now ready to ship! Please know that whether you are gift wrapping or not, your sets still recieve the same packing. Remember, we want to make you smile not matter what and for always!

What is your most memorable moment of when you made someone smile?

Martinka Crystal Team