4 Wonderful Wedding Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for a great wedding gift ideas or gifts for a bridal shower, it’s not always the easiest to find something that is a combination of meaningful, functional and practical. Many times you find yourself perusing the couple’s wedding registry while overcoming bouts of deja vou as you remember that this moment isn’t actually a result of a phenomenon,  but rather, you have seen all these items just months ago when shopping for another wedding. The gift registry both helpful and authentic to the new couple’s needs (after all they chose it) often lacks the lackluster of something that ‘s more original or thoughtful. So going back to the former, what if you really did want to give them exactly what they were looking for while keeping it both memorable and functional? Where would you go? What would you choose?

I have found myself in this same predicament shopping for a friend’s wedding. I have also discovered that it is possible to stick with the likes of the wedding registry, but instead of using it as my source of gift purchasing, I have used it simply as a guide. So, for example, your bride and groom may be looking for that perfect unique wine and cocktail set. As you skim down the wedding registry you come across a variety of martini glasses, wine glasses, cordial glasses and much more. Most you know will end up in every new bride and groom’s home, as they are the “must have” sets from the mainstream department store. Ok, you think to yourself, there has to be something that can encapsulate all and something that will more importantly surprise and delight them.

The above is possible. For example, there is a wine and cocktail set that can serve up a variety of drinks. Enter: the handmade Cocktail Tumbler Gift Set.

Cocktail Tumbler Gift Set

This set is by far my favorite for wedding gifts. It’s a chic barware collection that uses style, form and functionality brilliantly. Four crystal tumblers do it all. Shaking up a martini? Serve it up in a Martinki Tumbler. A little gin and tonic instead? Mix it up in the Tall Boy Tumbler. It’s a set designed to accommodate a full line of cocktails and drinks in a condensed and practical format.

I personally love drinking my red wine from the Colada Tumbler. The tumbler’s thin walls and modchic shape add to the taste and even more importantly the design adds to the experience. At the end of the day, aren’t we all after a good experience?

Here is the quick rundown: All tumblers are handmade and hand blown. This means that they are made with love and with a lot of artistry and talent. The handmade crystal glass tumbler set includes 4 types of tumblers [left to right in Video]: 6 Tall Boy Tumblers (16 oz), 6 Colada Tumblers (16 oz), 6 Martinki Tumblers (8 oz) and 6 Downtown Nights Shot Glasses (2 oz). This yields 4 styles 6 times to make a wonderful set of 24 cocktail pieces. Also, did I mention the price is great!

It’s always a challenge to find something out-of-the-box, but when it comes to giving a gift, it always pays off to go the extra mile. After all you only get married once. Right?