How Do You Drink Your White Wine?

There are two popular ways of approaching your wine these days. For the most part they depend on the way you wish to enjoy your wines. Currently, in the marketplace you will notice that there is traditional stemware (wine glasses with stems) and then there are those without.

So which do you choose?

The answer is: it’s really up to you and perhaps even more so it is up to your style and expertise.

The stem you find on wine glasses is intended to be the place mat for your hands when you drink your wine. Holding your wine glass by the bowl is said to alter the temperature of  the wine and thus altering its taste. With that said though, stemless wine glasses are popular and some may say even more stylish. They are also less prone to break (no stem to worry about). Further,  stemless wine glass can be used in more casual settings and they can act as multipurpose tumblers accommodating other cocktails.

The best way to choose in our opinion is to distinguish the occasion. If you are hosting a wine tasting session or if you are savoring a fine bottle of wine, then maybe opt for the stemware; however, if you are just relaxing with friends and you are more focused on enjoying their company, then stemless can be a great choice.

How do we drink our white wine?

These ultra light weight 8 oz crystal tumblers make great stemless wine glasses for any occasion.


For elegant stemware try these 6 oz hand cut crystal white wine glasses. They are graceful yet durable with a thick crystal hand cut. stem.



Martinka Crystal Team