Martinka Crystal Partners with SneakPeeq

On Sunday, September 16th SneakPeeq will launch Martinka Crystal’s handmade and hand cut product lineon their website.

SneakPeeq is a leading retailer in social commerce. The company features both unique and top brands on its website and utilizes Facebook and gaming to facilitate shopping decisions . Shoppers who share items, turn over price tags (Peeq) and make purchases on SneakPeeq gain points which can eventually amount to discounts and or free gifts.

During the sale on Sunday, shoppers will have the opportunity to get their hands on Martinka Crystal’s unique pieces. The sale will last for 72 hours and it will give shoppers the opportunity to learn more about the Martinka Crystal brand.

Sale Preview:

What: Martinka Crystal Launch on SneakPeeq

When:Sunday, September 16th at 12pm EST


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