Adding Rustic Style Charm with Home Improvement Accessories

Galvanized Pipe for Plants and Utencils DIY

There’s a lot of ways to add rustic style to your home decor like using antique pieces. Recently, though I found myself with an extra galvanized duct from Lowe’s which we had used in some home repairs. I was very close to returning it, but after a second look I couldn’t quite get over its charming feel. The little rivets running along side the seam, and the rippled edges, as well as the matte silver texture really actually makes for an appealing piece which I felt I could apply to the home.

Glass Base for Holder

Nonetheless, I discovered that the galvanized duct in fact makes a great decor piece. I was able to incorporate it into my table settings in two ways. One way, I was able to incorporate this piece was to use it as an eating utensil holder. Simply, all I needed in addition to my galvanized duct was a drinking glass for a base. Now make sure you use a tumbler or glass you do not mind scratching up. Also it must be short enough so it acts just as a base.

Adding Base to Holder

Next, I covered the glass with the duct. With the glass you have a way of holding the utensils in place and the duct acts as the rustic statement piece.

Utensil Holder Galvanized Piping

I think this look is great if you are doing a buffet style table setting, where each guest can grab his or her own utensils. You can also have this in your kitchen for your wooden spoons and other cooking paraphernalia in the kitchen.

Galvanized Pipe for Plant Holder

Another way, I have used this simple duct is for plants. Now you can use an artificial plant for decoration like the one above or you can use the duct to cover potted plants as well.

Rustic Potting Look

It’s amazing how a basic pipe that we use for ventilation can add aesthetic charm to your home, but it in fact can. Give it a try yourself!