It’s All in the Music

You have employed your favorite plates, polished and prepped your red and white wine glasses, plated a schmorgous board of cheeses, prosciutto and olives, and perfected the lighting. You have worked so hard to create an intimate and elegant tone for your “soiree”, but you know there is really only one thing that will tie all of it together.


record player

The music can’t be too loud and it can’t be intrusive. It has to be ambiente blending in with laughter and conversations, but it can’t be run of the mill spa or elevator music. It has to get your guests’ feet to tap involuntary as they lose themselves in conversation. It has to command their hips to sway as they stroll over to refill their wine glass. It will need to lull them into a reverie, stripping away their worries and immersing them in the moment.The right tunes will delight their subconscious without imposing on their train of thought.

However, with so many ways to discover and curate music, it can be rather daunting to come across the right songs. It is even more daunting to create the ultimate playlist for just that one evening. Fortunately though, we have listened to a lot and we have created our own schmorgous board.  It was “hard” work, you know, listening to all of that good music, but I think we have uncovered something special. Our choice of tunes marry jazz with electro swing, classical with pop and tango with hip hop beats . Some of our favorite artists include 2Cellos, Wax Taylor and The Piano Guys, but we’ll let you be the judge.

Here is a list of our top ten picks. If any or all tickle your fancy, you can easily create your own playlist on YouTube. If only a few make your heart skip a beat, build out a Pandora playlist by creating a station based on that artist or genre.

Happy listening!

Tango inspired rhythm with a hint of hip hop beats.

1.Silueta Portena by Trio Garufa

2. Aquel Muchacho Bueno by Otros Aires

3. Libertango by Tango Jointz

Jazzy tunes with a shot of electric swing.

4. Say Yes (Instrumental Mix) by Wax Tailor

5. Bubbles In The Wine by Dex Dubious

6. Take Five by Dave Brubeck

 7. All Names by Jun Miyake

Beethoven meets pop.

8. Smooth Criminal by Dallas String Quartet

9. Peponi (Paradise) by The Piano Guys

10. Human Nature by 2cellos