What’s Missing From this Dinner Table?

We thought we would have a little fun and play a game before dinner. We have set the table, but it looks like a few items are missing from the place setting on the right. Can you find what’s different? Here’s a little hint: there are three missing items and 3 changes. Look closely and lets us know what they are!

Still trying to spot a few of the items, here are a few helpful hints:

1. Jamaican grown

2. Tines

3. Spice

4. Wine

5. Juicy

Double check your answers and scroll to the bottom to see if you are right!



3 Changes

>1. Lemon
2. Yellow pepper (Scotch Bonnet) right hand side of the plate
3. Fork and Knife

3 Missing Items

1. Scotch Bonnet left hand side.
2. Smokey grey wine glass
3. Pepper shaker