Peppermint Champagne Cocktail

Candy cane season is upon us. It’s the moment we transition from turkey to stockings and Christmas trees, and what a better way to do it then with some festive cocktails.

This week we were inspired by Freutcake’s Peppermint White Christmas cocktail. This whimsical cocktail reminds us of soft fluffy snow and everything Christmas.


  • 1 bottle of your favorite (chilled) champagne
  • White Creme de Cocoa
  • 4 candy canes


First, you’ll take a zip lock and fill it with  2 candy canes. Crush the candy canes into fine pieces and powder. You can use a rolling pin or even the flat surface of a meat tenderizer, which is what we did. This can get a little messy if the zip lock bag becomes punctured. We recommend putting a piece of paper towel or a kitchen towel over the bag before you break up the candy cane.


Next, dampen the rim of your champagne flute. Use water or a little bit of the Creme De Cocoa. Once, your champagne glass rim is ready, roll it along the rim in some of your candy cane powder.

You’ll then want to fill your champagne glass a 1/3 of the way with the Creme de Cocoa, and the rest of the way with chilled champagne. Garnish it with a candy cane. The candy cane will melt a little adding that beautiful pink hue to this cocktail.


We served this delicious champagne cocktail in our Madame Royale Champagne Flutes. The unpolished design adds a nice frosty look to the cocktail and the ornate hand cut pattern reminds us of fanned out pine leaves. These champagne glasses are elegant and have a very nice weight to them. Another great thing about them is once you are done drinking, simply place them in your dishwasher. No hand washing after a night of celebration!.