6 Unique & Practical Glassware Gifts Not On The Wedding Registry

Thinking of purchasing the bride and groom’s glassware off registry? Wedding registries can seem daunting and ironically at times even impersonal. Purchasing a gift that’s not on the registry is a great option if you are close to the happy couple. It’s a great way to add a personal and memorable touch to your gift.

Don’t avoid the registry all together, simply use the couple’s gift registry as a guide. Mirror the types of glassware they are interested in with off script choices that match their personality and add a little flare into their lives.


1. Functional and Decorative

For the style conscious friend, consider colored glassware. It’s a wonderful way to pair utility and style all into one gift. Wine glasses like the smoke colored Dusk to Dawn set are perfect for a variety of red wines, and once put away they also add interest to a space in glass cabinets or open shelving.

2. Worry Free

For the friend who is particular, consider surprising them with titanium added wine glasses. Titanium adds beautiful shine to lead free crystal all while also adding strength to the glass itself. The titanium formula minimizes scuffs, scratches and breakage. Wine glasses like the Classic Long Stem wine glass set are handmade from lead free crystal with added titanium. This strikingly elegant wine glass is also uniquely tall measuring 11 inches in height.

set of 4 long stem red wine glasses

3. Versatile

For the practical friend, consider buying a tumbler set. Tumblers are great in accommodating a variety of beverages. A set like the Colada Tumbler is perfect for muddling cocktails with its thick base while also doubling as a wine glass with it’s elegant style and clean form.

set of 6 cocktail tumblers

4. Show Piece

For the art lover or history buff, consider a piece that tells a story like the Air twist Champagne Flute. This Bohemian glass pays homage to the 18th century British air twist design which was born as a result of an glass excise tax. This wasn’t going to detter glassblowers and the solution was “simple”: decrease the taxable weight. This was smartly accomplished by creating a stem with air bubbles within that were evenly spaced yielding both a mesmerizing stem and a lighter glass.

5. Symbolic

For the spiritual friend, consider a piece that has meaning behind it. The Love Knot Flute features a hand knotted stem in blush color which, when rotated, creates an illusion of the stem twisting into itself infinitely. Now that’s a true symbol of love and foreverness.

champagne glass with pink stem

6. Traditional

For the friend with classic taste, consider hand cut pieces like our Morning Frost wine glass. These wine glasses feature traditional yet light cuts that are youthful and fun. Hand cut goblets also offer versatility and can be used to serve up wine and even dress up the look of cocktails. Each glass is a limited production glass, so the bride and groom will own a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


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