{Inspiration} Take a Ride With Us

When sourcing our collection, our hope is that our items will conjure up a certain feel. In fact, one of the reasons why we choose the designs we do is that we ourselves feel a certain way when looking at and using our stemware. The feeling we get is typically attached to a place or event.

One of the places that shapes us and our vision quite a bit is New York City. Being based out of Bergen County, New Jersey, you can’t escape this vast and exciting urban sprawl. It is our backyard after all. A quick twenty minute trip down the Palisades and five minutes  across the George Washington Bridge puts us right in the middle of all the action.

We can’t help escape the city’s grip and we don’t want to. The flow of energy and ideas within the city is palpable. Everytime you turn a corner, cross the avenues or move up and down the streets, you are welcomed by a different perspective.

For example, walking in the village feels so different than uptown. In the village, the treelined streets with low lying brownstones can almost trick us into feeling as if we are walking down the street in some European city. However, the Upper East Side (though it has its own charm), may feel more urban as skyscrapers shade the streets and avenues.

That is what we love. We love that under one umbrella we can experience so many different feelings. We don’t have to travel far to experience a lot.

This week as the days are getting longer, brighter and warmer we couldn’t help but get excited about the prospect of summer. Summer time is a wonderful time in the city. Everything comes to life even more. Don’t get us wrong, New York is always bustling, but the summer brings the indoors out. Rooftops fill up. The streets get cozier not only from foot traffic, but also from chairs and tables as small cafes set up outdoor seating areas. The atmosphere grows louder as music and laughter booms from open windows and as more urbanites abandon their apartments.  Everything radiates warmth.

Now as we mentioned earlier in this post, we love when our items inspires us. In a way they teleport us to a place, to a time or to a combination of both. This is exactly what we love about our long stem wine glasses and cocktail tumblers, specifically. Right from the get go we loved the simple and modern elegance. With varying height profiles they inspire the the cityscape. They are cosmopolitan and no matter where they are in the city they go really well with the view. They inspire the quintessential urban dream – the three hundred sixty degree city views, warm rooftop evenings and jovial soirees over cocktails and wine – all without you ever leaving your home.

manhattan viewlong stem wine glasses on a counterhome bar with crystal tumblersbrooklyn rooftop

{Image (Upper Right): Long Stem White Wine glasses | Image (Lower Left): Cocktail Tumbler Set}