3 Ways to Drink Your Mimosas

How many different ways can you can drink your Mimosas?  We’ll help you get started! We have 3 of our favorite ways right here!

Here’s what you’ll need

3/4 Cup of Orange Juice

1/4 of Chilled Champagne

1 Orange

Here’s how to make make it:

Mix 3 parts of your choice of champagne to 1 parts of orange juice. Use orange peel or fresh oranges for garnish.

Here’s how to drink it:

1. Lounge in style: Mimosa with orange peel garnish in 7 oz. handmade crystal flute.

2. Be classy: Mimosa with 2 fresh orange wedges in 6 oz hand cut crystal toasting flute.

3. Bring out your dark side: Mimosa in Midnight Black Champagne flute garnished with fresh orange wedge.

What are you favorite Mimosa recipes?


Martinka Crystal Team