Long Stem Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes Make Great Gift Sets

And, you thought we were talking about the other “stems”…

Well, surprise!

We may not be selling the long “stems” (aka legs) you have always wanted, but we can certainly offer you long stem wine glasses and flutes. Long stem crystalware makes a great gift for any occasion.

“These glasses are also a hit among friends and family! The long stem on these glasses is the distinguishing characteristic that I have been searching for. “-Jen W.

Check out a few of these long stem glasses we just love and think you will too!


Tall Crystal White Wine Glasses with Long Stem

These beautifully hand cut, contemporary style wine glasses sport a 5 inch hand cut stem. Each glass is made from crystal and holds up to 6 oz.

Handmade Long Stem White Wine Glasses

This classic is perfect for any event. Each handmade long stem wine glass comes in a gift set of 4. These wine glasses hold up to 10oz and make stunning gifts for anyone that loves white wine!

Smokey Grey Handmade Glass Wine Glasses

Looking for something different and eye catching? We have you covered with these smokey grey wine glasses handmade from ultra light-weight glass. They make a perfect wine glass gift set  for your fashion forward friends! Each glass holds up to 8 oz and has a stem almost 4 1/2 inches tall.

Handmade Crystal Toasting Flute with Long Stem

If you are searching for the perfect wedding gift, look no further! These elegant champagne toasting flutes make a great gift set. Each glass holds up to 7 oz and boasts a 4 1/2 inch stem. Give something special, something from the heart and something unique and handmade with these beautiful toasting flutes.

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Martinka Crystal Team