What’s Abrewing in the Frying Pan

Looking for a place to loaf and quell every worry?
Frying Pan is just the spot, where New Yorkers and Norwegians alike flurry.
Here on this boat you have a chance to unwind
Under the panorama of the New York City skyline.
Buckets of beer, wine, and a sparkling drink,
Let’s all hope this ship won’t sink!

After living in New York for a while, you discover that you eventually always end up at the same places. Frying Pan, conveniently located on the West Side Highway and 26 th Street, was a welcome new experience for me. The historic lightship, tethered to other boats, is docked on an old railroad car barge, rendering a nautical playground for adults.

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From the top deck, you can bask in the sun’s rays reflecting off the Hudson River, with a view of NYC skyscrapers and NJ across the water. The toilets down below, quite literally holes in the ground, are reminiscent of what you’d find in steerage on the Titanic, but they suit the rusting, marine nature of the décor. While the grub, typical boat food – burgers, ribs, fish – is decent, the drinks are the secondary attraction (to the view of course). The buckets of Corona, which you’ll find littered about, tend to rank as the most popular choice, but they offer various wines and draft beer too. Finally, the Frying Pan is a veritable magnet for cute foreigners, so anchor yourself at a table and enjoy the beer!