Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday to You!

It’s January and the gifts keep on coming for all of you January babies. And, for friends or family of January birthdays it means you’ll have to get creative even after the juices have drained from this past holiday season.

For some, birthdays are even more special than any other holiday. One thing is for sure, both in their eyes and yours, it is a meaningful day. After all, without it, the foundations of your relationship would have never come to exist. As a result, we find that birthday presents have to embody something meaningful – a sentiment, a memory or character. Presents don’t necessarily have to be tangible. They can be something like traveling to get to your loved one, taking them on a trip, to a concert or simply baking a delicious cake for them.

Although, for tangible kind of gifts it is important to know a little about birthstones to dedicate their day. The idea of birthstones goes back thousands of years. It was believed that birthstones embodied therapeutic and magical qualities. Today though, we more or less just connect it with the month of one’s birthday. January’s birthstone is the “garnet” and it signifies trust and friendship. In terms of ornamental value, the garnet goes back the to Roman period where it was inlaid into gold for various decorative uses. It’s a beautiful gemstone that comes in an array of colors. The nice thing about garnets is that they aren’t just unique to  jewelry; they also make beautiful accent stones and unlike a diamond (April Birthstone) they are also more affordable.

Here are 4 fun ways to gift garnet to the January birthdays in your life:

  1. Garnet Heart Box –  A gemstone for all of your gemstones, this heart-shaped box is perfect for jewelry. It is handmade from lead crystal and adorned with beautiful deep red garnet.

Bohemian Garnet Heart Boxjewelry box with red garnet decor

2. Garnet Ring Holder – Not sure where you placed your ring? There is an easy fix for this with this chic, garnet adorned ring holder. A small dish at the bottom is perfect for bracelets and necklaces.

Bohemian Garnet Ring Holder Dishring holder with star shaped design

3. Garnet Dish – A multifaceted “mini” bowl, this garnet dish can function as a small keepsake dish or as a tealight dish. Watch as the small flame within projects beautiful star-like cuts onto any surface.

Bohemian Garnet Tea light Dishvotive dish decorate with red garnet

4. Round Garnet Jewelry Box – A palm sized box for gems and trinkets, this small lidded dish makes a cute little home decor piece while elegantly housing keepsakes, jewelry or other small accessories.

Bohemian Garnet Jewelry Boxjewelry box filled with keepsakes