5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Holiday Gift for Her

It’s coming up. That time of the year…O Yes, the holidays. For some, it’s exciting and of course for others it’s a dreadful reminder of all the holiday shopping they have to do. The mall madness, the nights spent hunkered down at a computer browsing the Amazons and Overstocks, staring blankly and then thinking: “what would she want?”

Though, there is no quick answer (and there is certainly no answer that fits all), there are things to keep in mind while searching for that unique gift for the special gal in your life. Here’s a quick guide to keeping things simple, stylish and exciting when you are picking out the the perfect holiday gift for her.

Get the scoop on 50 Shades of Grey

Naturally the book itself comes to mind, but what if she already has her copy? Give her something that will remind her of her favorite summer read. Or if she hasn’t read it yet, give her something in the new famed shade of grey. Combine a little sultry with something functional to captivate her.

Our Match :Dusk to Dawn Wine Glasses

Grey Wine Glasses Set of 4

Handmade wine glasses infused with mulit-shades of grey

Stay true with what is unique and handmade

With websites like etsy, the trend of handmade and organic is undeniably popular. Show her you are thinking outside the box with some real craftsmanship that she won’t be able to find at her favorite department stores. You may be the one she credits for discovering her new favorite brand!

Our Match:  Madame Royale Toasting Flutes

Unique Champagne Flute with Hand Cut Design

Champagne flutes with intricate designs hand cut by artisans

Catch up on classics and give her something pretty in pink, violet…etc.

This holiday season, surprise her with color, and not just red and green. Think… fun, bright colors. Colors that will take her away from the snow to the beaches of the Caribbean.  With a fun color you’ll give your gal something she’ll always remember while helping  her beat the winter blues.

Our Match: Alexandrite Cordial Glasses

Alexandrite Cordial Glasses Set of 2

Vibrant violet glass perfect for after dinner drinks

Don’t forget about the “Little Black Dress”

The “Little Black Dress” or the “all-time” staple of wardrobes everywhere may be just the concept you need to master before giving her a gift. The take away here is, give her something stylish but simple. Whether clothing, accessories or other items, it should be something she could wear or use on multiple occasions.

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Black Champagne Flutes Set of 6

Slender champagne flutes made by hand from light weight black glass

Make her moments more special

Coming back from a long day at work to enjoy her favorite bottle of wine may be just what she needs. But ,why not make it more memorable with a little something fancy. Add a touch of elegance to her wine with the right accessories.

Morning Frost Red Wine Glasses

Set of 4 Wine Glasses with Crystal Pattern

Hand cut wine glasses with ornate design