Breaking Tradition With the Right Barware

setting the table this holiday season with the same old, same old? Spruce up your drinkware collection with a little bit of design and color to give it a “wow” effect your family and guests will love. From polka dots to black glass, your stemware and barware doesn’t always have to side with tradition. let your wine glasses and tumblers set the tone for your next meal or party.

Holiday Table Setting
We have hand selected a few of our favorite pieces that will help you redesign your table settings this holiday season. Remember, create the mood you wish to capture at your dinner or event with the right tabletop accessories. We have the tips you need to help open your mind to some fabulous stemware options.

When it comes to your wine glasses, being creative this holiday season is a must. Consider serving your wine at the dinner table using more traditional pieces like a long stem wine glass or hand decorated wine goblet, and then serving up your after dinner wine in bolder pieces like a stemless crystal tumbler or colored wine glass.
Wine Glass for Red WineFrosted Crystal Wine Glass for White WineColada Tumblerssmokey grey wine glasses

When we think of cocktails with think of tumblers, and that’s why we selected a fun assortment of tumblers that can add a little something special to each drink you mix up. Remember color is a great way to add a little playful appeal to each of your drinks. Similarly, tumblers with a less traditional shape can add a chic, cosmopolitan feel to each sip. But, keep in mind just because you are serving up a mixed drink doesn’t mean you have to stick with a tumbler. Mix up a mojito and serve it up in a bistro-style wine goblet for an even more stylish effect.
Egyptian Blue Tumblers for CocktailsMartinki Tumbler for EntertainingWhite Wine Goblet Polka DotsTall Boy Tumblers for Cocktails
Everyone needs an arsenal of champagne flutes during the holidays season. This cause for celebration calls for a variety of toasting flutes. Consider ringing in the Near Year with bolder colors like black. Can anyone say black and white themed New Years Party? Flutes are wonderful for champagnes because of their naturally built in technology that allows champagne bubbles to flow more freely upwards, but saucers are a fun way to serve up champagne as well. Not only were they Marie Antoinette’s way to drink champagne, but they can also be a great way to serve up champagne cocktails or even desserts. For a more traditional look, also consider some hand decorated flutes or clear glass crystal champagne flutes which are fantastic for serving up champagne all year round.
Black Champagne GlassesMadame Royal for ChampagneChampagne Saucer for EntertainingWillow Peak Champagne Glass for Entertaining