Five Health Benefits of Tea in Your Morning Cup

Tea is a great alternative to coffee, and sometimes I find it even more relaxing and satisfying. However, there are more benefits to tea than just its taste and aroma. In fact, some of these benefits may be good for your health. With that said, here are a few benefits of tea I found have found in my daily cup:

1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Teas like green tea contain antioxidants that may increase blood vessel function. Studies have shown that green tea drinkers have better blood vessel function 30 minutes after they consume tea. The tea helps improve the function of the endothelial cells which play a major role in the development of clogged arteries. Clogged arteries if left unchecked can later lead to heart problems and heart disease.

2. Protect Your Pearlies
Studies have shown that an element called polyphenols found in black teas may inhibit the growth of plaque causing bacteria. So, tea maybe the key to staying cavity-free.

3. Slim Your Waistline and Lower Your Blood Pressure Doing It

In a controlled study, 240 men and women were given green tea extracts in varying amounts over a period of 3 months. Those that received higher amounts of green tea yielded a weight loss in their mid-section and lowered cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Tea has also been linked to increasing the metabolic process.

4. Guard Your Skin

According to a UAB Associate Professor, Dr. Santosh Katiyar, teas like green tea have anti-inflamatory elements that may play a role in preventing the creation of cancer cells.

Further studies have also shown that when green tea is applied to skin it may help reverse skin damage and aging.

5. Drink Calorie Free

Yes, that’s right, tea has 0 Calories. With “just” zero calories there is enough room to add a little sugar and skim milk, but remember adding to much may turn your “skinny” beverage into a heavy treat.

What is your favorite kind of tea?