Skull & Bones Haunted House Decorations

Looking for some spooky Halloween decoration ideas? This arrangement of skull & bones and purple tea lights, will surely have heads turning and kids running in the other direction. You can use these to decorate a Haunted House with  or simply to decorate your home with to create a haunted feel!

Skull and Bones

Here is what you will need:

  • Plastic skull & a few bones
  • Purple (or any other color) ¬†flameless tea lights
  • Large, cylindrical vase



Skull and bones





purple tea lights

  • Place the skull in the center of the cylindrical vase.
  • Arrange the bones in a crossbone design behind the skull.
  • Place the tea lights around the front and behind the skull.

skull and bones


Below is the final product. Look at that spooky purple glow!

skull and bones

If you wish you replace the skull with other bones, go right ahead! Below, I arranged feet and bones to create an equally eerie effect.

Haunted House

Have fun creating your creepy arrangements and have a Happy Halloween!