Complement Your Home Decor With a Dash of Gold

Today, I was inspired by the color gold. I love this color because it’s not necessarily tied to any particular season, and it can create striking contrasts in your home decor. Here are a few of my favorite items which I have collected and added to various parts of my home.

My latest prize possession is this eye-catching gold embroidered, felt pillow. The wonderful thing about traveling (other than escaping the daily grind) is what you’ll find. This particular piece caught my eye as I perused the Central Market Souke in Abu Dhabi. Its beautiful “Tree of Life” motif is prominent in the middle eastern culture. This pillow is definitely a statement piece, and I find it dresses up my leather brown couch just perfectly.


I am one for keeping my plates white and plain, but occasionally I pick up pieces that are bolder and more decorative. In fact, there is a growing trend for patterned serveware. This next item, is rare and meaningful (at least to me). Given to me by my grandmother, this intricate, ceramic plate goes back to the 1930’s. I simply, love the textured butterfly and leaf design, and (o yes) the gold tones. Though this is certainly not an everyday piece, it serves as both ornamental and functional. I can’t wait to serve some decadent sweets on this cute little plate. What’s nice about today’s decor, is that no style (in moderation) is out and things that are vintage can create wonderful accent pieces to your already existing serveware.


I feel like a queen everytime I just glance at these opulent 24K gold Moser wine goblets. Yes, this is real gold encasing the rim of a delicately hand-cut wine glass. Now, these are not your “everyday” wine goblets; however, they are certainly not ones you just tuck-away either. These are wonderful goblets, that also carry decorative value. I also like to pair some of my gold stemware with glass barware, like these elegant, gold printed tumblers. The tumblers are less delicate, but also add a dash of elegance to your ordinary drink of cocktail.

Gold Plated Wine Goblet and Tumbler

What are some of your favorite statement pieces for your home?