Charming Pharaohs with Gold, Silver and Glass

Did you know that glass making may trace back as far as the 16th century BC? And, did you know that during this time glass was viewed as a rare, high value item?

In recent years, archaeologists  uncovered a bronze age glass making factory in Egypt and according to this discovery, glass making in Egypt is set to date back to about 1250 BC. At the time glass was viewed to have similar value to that of gold, silver and precious stones.

Its true birthplace, though, still remains undiscovered and according to ancient letters and cuneiform texts,  glass making may have in fact been well and alive well before this time (1500 BC)  in the area of Mesopotamian.

Popular glass items that archaeologist found in Egypt  included glass vessels in which perfumes may have been stored and precious glass beads.

However, this unique glass wasn’t just found in anyone’s home; these items were typically only found in royal households or offered in Egyptian temples.






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