The Country of Ancient Castles and Magnificent Glass

We are back from our trip to the Czech Republic! During our trip we were (as always) taken back by the incredible history and architecture within the country.

This small central European country is peppered with ancient castles that go as far back as year 900. Now that’s a long time ago! It’s interesting history stems from its various rulers including those of the Premyslid dynasty, the Hapsburg and many others. However, one thing that is often overlooked is this Bohemian country’s role in the glass making industry.

Till this day the Czech Republic still creates and exports beautiful hand cut and hand made crystal glass worldwide. The country’s glass making record stretches over 800 years and still today is a unique and intricate process which is often forgotten.

To help you learn more about the glass making process, we invite you to have a quick glimpse into the glass factory. For more pictures and close up videos visit: