Fine Dining and “Resting” on 37th

Have you ever wished you used your bath tub more? Well what happens when you don’t?

I chuckled to myself when I saw this original “tub turned day bed” in Elizabeth on 37th in Savanah, Georgia. What a creative way to integrate underused elements and turn them into something functional and decorative.

Come on ladies! I know there have been many times you wished for a couch (or a day bed tub) in the little girl’s room.

Aside, from its innovative interior design, Elizabeth of 37th is an absolute must-visit dinner hot spot if you are visiting Savanah Georgia. Nestled in the outskirts of Savanah, this 1900’s villa turned fine dining restaurant, has absolutely beautiful decor, friendly staff and delicious appetizers, main courses, deserts and of course wines.

I would highly recommend their Spicy Savannah Red Rice With Georgia Shrimp for a main course. This medley of  seafood, sausage rice and okra has the right amount of flavor and kick. And, for desert, I whole heartedly enjoyed their Savanah Cream Cake, a compilation of angel food custard cake laced with berry and custard flavors. So very good!

For more information on Elizabeth on 37th visit: Enjoy!