Finding “Fuego” in the Empty Quarter

Fuego translates to fire in Spanish and it is also the name of our most popular red wine glasses and white wine glasses. We named it Fuego because the hand-cut design was reminiscent of flames of a fire; curvy, sharp and very hot!

However, recently I was on a trip in the United Arab Emirates, and during my stay I visited the vast and beautiful Rub Al Khali desert, also know as the Empty Quarter. After breathing in the fresh, warm air and absorbing my surroundings, I took a good long look at the ground below me and noticed the curves in the sand. Made naturally by the wind, they looked like water ripples in a lake and were curvy like the flames of a fire. And then I realized, the pattern in the sand was very similar to the pattern on our Fuego glass!

Now, I’m not suggesting we should rename Fuego to Arabian Desert (which, hey, maybe one day we will…) but I realized the the desert and fuego are actually very closely related. How? Well, the two main ingredients when making glass are sand and fire. And coincidentally, the desert is made of sand and fuego is Spanish for¬†fire.

So now I have a new appreciation for our Fuego white wine glass and red wine glass because I realized that not only is the design very natural, the ingredients that make up the glass are natural too. Which I think is really cool! And even cooler? From now on, I will be reminded of the desert whenever I drink wine out of the Fuego wine glass.

photo (2)