Tip: Make Your Dinner Table Sparkle with A Statement Piece

crystal statement piece with name card

Tip: Add a short quote to each place setting to inspire your guests.

What’s nice about a table setting is that you can make it what ever you’d like it to be to set the mood and tone of your meal.

Here’s a quick and simple tip to help you dress up your place settings. Choose a statement piece and add it to each plate. In this case I used a crystal chandelier tear drop. I love the clean and prismatic effect of this charm. To greet my guest, I used the crystal chandelier tear drop as a paper weight, lightly inserting a name card with a food quote underneath.

Now unfortunately, this is my one of three crystal tear drops especially of this size, but the best part is, that because table settings are a work of art themselves, I can be creative and decorate my other plates with other statement pieces. In my case, being in the business I have many crystal figurines, so I can stay within one family and incorporate different pieces making each place setting more personal to each guest.

You may choose to do the same with fresh flowers for example. Purchase a bouquet and place a different flower on each plate as a statement piece that pops.

Happy Hosting!