Dinner in Paris

place setting with eiffel tower

I was in a Parisian state of mind when I decided to create these mini Eiffel Tower place setting accessories. I think the French culture is impressed into our perception of what culinary expertise is, so it make sense that this food capital graces a table.

I found a really great cut out template for this miniature French landmark right here ( decrease the size of this template to about 2 1/2 inches in height). This template made it easy to jump start the engineering process of this masterful building.

To make your own, you’ll need a print off of this template on some sturdy card stock. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, tooth picks and small 1 inch by half inch  flag with a message of your choice. I decided to go with Bon Appetit as an extension of the whole Parisian feel, but you can also choose to add guests name to each flag.


mini eiffel tower paper cut outs

First and foremost, you’ll need to prep your Eiffel Tower by printing out the template on a heavier stock. If you are not able to print on a heavy card stock, you can print it off on laser stock, and then lightly adhere the lighter stock to the card stock. You’ll want to glue it sparingly, so that you can later peel it off when you are ready to append the sides together.

Once you have your template printed, carefully cut along the edges of the shapes. This template also indicates where to cut and fold.

gluing eiffel tower

Once you have all four sides of the structure cut out, you’ll want to start gluing them together. Before, you fire up the glue gun though, make sure to fold the little tabs along the Eiffel Tower sides. There tabs will be used to connect each side to one another. You’ll also notice you’ll need to create about 2 folds in each side, to allow for the structure to curve. To fold, I scored the areas with a letter opener which is sharp enough to crease but dull enough not to create a cut.

You are now ready to begin hot gluing! Be very careful though as the glue gets very hot and the pieces you are working with are very small.

gilded eiffel tower

Ok, when you have all four sides glued together, carefully insert the tooth pick at the very top. Now will also be the time you’ll want to paint or spray paint your tower. I chose a metallic gold, to give my little structure a gilded look. After the Eiffel Tower has dried, add your flags to the top of the toothpick.

eiffel tower place setting

I decided to add my miniature Eiffel Towers to the bases of my wine glasses. To complete the Parisian style, I chose our French bistro style Mon Paris Red Wine glasses to do the trick. You can also add these little place setting accessories directly to your plate!

Happy Crafting!