A “Corky” Way to Display Your Holiday Greeting Cards

Looking to put your cork stash to good use? Consider creating a crafty display for your holiday greeting cards. All you’ll need is corks, a paper clip and an exact-o knife. Here’s how to create your “corky” greeting card holder:

Assortment of Corks

Choose corks that have an even surface. You can test them, by standing them to see if they balance out evenly.

Three Wine Corks

Next, use your exact-o knife to create an incision that is wide enough to accommodate a paper clip. You’ll also want to make sure to make the incision deep enough so the paper clip will remain inside.

Exacto Knife Wine Cork

Once you have created a snug slit in the cork, insert the paper clip in, ensuring the side you would use to clasp paper together is upright. At this point you should also make sure the paper clip is rooted in the cork so it doesn’t slip out from the weight of the stock.

Wine Cork and Paper Clip

Finally, slide your greeting card into the clasp of the paper clip. You can use one cork holder or two depending on the weight and size of the card.

Wine Cork and Greeting Card

Repeat these steps for all of your other greeting cards to create an even display. For a more rustic look considering using gold paper clips to add even more charm.

Greeting Card Holders