Cork Place Card Holder DIY

wine cork place card

Wine corks are pretty handy in the aftermath. Not only are they decorative but they are reusable in many practical ways. One fun way I like to use wine corks is as place card holders. They add a little rustic charm to any plate and they are very easy to make. Here’s a quick cork place card holder diy!

corks and place cards

Keep the name cards about an inch in height to keep the cork well balanced.

Creating one of these is very quick and easy. First, what you’ll need is corks! Depending on how many guests you are hosting, you’ll need one for each. Next, print some name cards which you’ll later insert into each cork. Have fun with the name card; be creative. Also, make sure your card is about an inch and half in width and an inch in height when folded.

razor cut flat surface on wine corks

Tip: The flat surface of the cork should be lined up back to back with the slit to ensure the name card will remain standing straight.

OK, next… Here you’ll need to be careful because you will be working with a sharp razor cutter, and wine corks sometimes have a life of their own if you don’t grip them securely. Carefully, shave off one side of the cork to create a flat surface. This side will act as your base. Then, flip the cork on it’s base and parallel (right on the other side) of the base create a quarter inch slit. Create one slit and then run another one parallel. Except this time as you create your second slit run in diagonally into the cork so it comes apart as it meets the other cut. This will create a nice space for your name card.

insert name card into cork place card holder

Tip: Keep at least a half inch white space from the base of the name card to any text to ensure that your names won’t be cut off when slid into the place card holder.

Now you are ready to add your name card to the place holder. Your name card should be folded at this point. Wallah!

wine cork place card holders diy

Feel free to get creative and write a little note on the inside of each card for a personal touch!

Happy Crafting!