Connect the (Polka) Dots

I bet you remember the famous polka dot bandanna in J. Howard Millers 1943 “You Can Do It” poster. Red and white polka-dotted bandanna tied back and bicep flexed: pretty cool! Though, this was not at all geared as a fashion statement or nor was it a harbinger for the styles to come, it definitely¬†was and still is ¬†a memorable depiction of polka dot-ware.

J. Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It!” poster (1943). Photo via


Recently, though, it seems that polka dots are making an even bolder splash in fashion and perhaps in art itself. Recently, French Fashion House Louis Vitton and Japanese artisit Yayoi Kusama teamed up to create a polka dot experience through a line of unique clothing, shoes and accessories. The line displays a variation of bright colors that make up the polka dots. From yellows to blacks to traditional reds and whites, its definitely a bold sight to see.

So will polka dots be making it beyond mainstream fashion and into your home? Well truth be told, they already have. From fun polka dotted tea cups to bright polka dot patterns for your bathroom, its all there!


Spode Baking Days Green Teacup and Saucer. Photo via Spode on

Kassatex Bath Accessories, Photo via


O and did we mention, we like polka dots too! Our very own French style white wine and red wine goblets are embelished in matte and polished polka dots. They are perfect for any occasion and wines. Sometimes we enjoy our afternoon sangrias ( we mean after 5pm of course) in these unique crystal wine glasses!

Crystal White Wine Goblet with Polka Dot Pattern


Set of 4 French Style Goblets for Red Wine


What’s your favorite polka dot accessory?

Martinka Crystal Team