Cherry Blossom Centerpiece Pom Pom DIY

Cherry Blossom DYI Final

Recently, I was looking for a fun centerpiece idea, and I stumbled upon a Martha Stewart DIY which gave me the idea for creating a cherry blossom plant using tissue paper pom poms. I love the look of this faux plant because it incorporates elements that make it very versatile. For example, the white tissue blossoms remind me of spring, while the bare branches are still reminiscent of the winter months. The cherry blossom centerpiece is a great hybrid decoration which bridges the winter and spring months perfectly (especially now that the holidays are over).

The cherry blossom centerpiece pom pom diy is rather quick and simple and requires few ingredients, which is what I also like. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Two bare branches
  • White thread
  • 8 large sheets of tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters
  • 28 gauge wire
  • Glass vase
  • About 30 wine corks (you can substitute the corks for other items; these are intended to hold the branches in place inside the vase)


Step One Cherry Blossom DIYStep Two Cherry Blossom DIY

Once you have gathered all of your materials, you’ll want to start dividing your tissue paper into 4 parts. Make sure not to separate the sheets from each other, so they are aligned as you cut them. If you’d like to create smaller pom poms you can take a quarter of the tissue paper and cut that into half. This will give you a variety of sizes as real blossoms vary themselves.

Step Three Cherry Blossom DIYStep Four Cherry Blossom DIY

Ok, now that you are done cutting and dividing up the tissue paper, take one section (again remember to keep the 8 sheets together) and start folding them like an accordion. I made my accordion slightly smaller than an inch width wise. After you have folded the tissue paper into an accordion, take a small piece of 28 gauge (silver is fine) wire and cut it carefully with your wire cutters. Next, wrap it around the center section of the accordion. Twist the wire tightly and then clip off the remaining ends. I leave some ends and then curl them under; this ensures that the wire won’t come apart.

Step Five Cherry Blossom DIYStep Six Cherry Blossom DIY

Before, we start fluffing up the accordion into a pom pom, we have to quick steps. First, you’ll want to round out the edges of each end of the accordion. This will create the “petal effect” in your blossom. Next, you’ll want to tie the white string around the center part of the wire, so that once you have a complete pom pomp you can hang it from the branch. I like using a very thin white sowing thread, this minimizes the appearance and creates a floating effect when the pom poms are hanging from each branch.

Step Seven Cherry Blossom DIYStep Eight Cherry Blossom DIY

Now we are ready to start creating our pom pom. Start at one side of the accordion, and start pulling each sheet of tissue paper from each other and towards the center of the accordion. This will fluff up the blossom and create the blossom effect. To maintain a circular shape, I separated the first 4 sheets to one side and then the other four to the other side. Once you have fluffed up one side, do the same with the other side of the accordion. When you are done you should be left with a full blossom like the one above.

Step Nine Cherry Blossom DIYStep Ten Cherry Blossom DIY

Go ahead and create more pom poms. I crafted about 4 pom poms, two larger and two smaller to add some variety. When you are done with the blossoms, you’ll want to start prepping your vase. I decided to fill my vase up with corks (I have lots that we have collected over the years). You may to choose to fill the vase up with whatever you’d like. You can also use pebbles for a more earthy look. The corks will be used both for decoration and to hold the branches in place. The weight of the blossoms adds a little play so the corks will keep them from swinging too much.

Cherry Blossom Pom Poms

We are ready for the final step! Now the white sewing thread you attached to each pom pom will com in handy. Carefully, hang each pom pom from different twigs of the branches you collected. At the end you should be left with charming blossom tree centerpiece! What’s best about this plant is you won’t need to water it!