Five Champagne Recipes to Try This Summer

Champagne Treats on Pinterest

I spent last Friday perusing and Pinterest in search of yummy champagne recipes for an upcoming bridal event. In my search I came across a variety of “edible” champagne treats and by this I mean cupcakes, cakes, lollipops and other tasty and sweet delights. I pinned my top 10 favorites on Pinterest (see my Pinterest board Champagne Treats“) Here’s a quick run down of my 5 most favorite that I discovered. The active ingredient being CHAMPAGNE in all. Some treats are DIY while others are available for purchase. Enjoy!

1. Champagne Jam- To my surprise I found many preserves infused with champagne and other spirits. However, the Elizabethan Pantry Strawberry Preserve with Champagne peeked my interest. Made from strawberries, cane sugar and of course champagne, it received excellent reviews for its authenticity of being truly “English”. I love jam, butter and bread in the mornings so this will definitely be on my list to try. Available: English Tea Store  Price: $7.19

2. Champagne Truffles I am a big fan of chocolate to begin with, but after finding this champagne truffle recipe I was truly excited. Aside from sounding incredibly delicious, I couldn’t believe that you could actually make these yourself! What a great bridal shower favor idea. The recipe shows you how to make champagne truffles (with chocolate), strawberry truffles and combination strawberry and champagne truffles. The thing that I love the most about this recipe is that you can interchange the filling in each. For example, you can create a strawberry and champagne truffle with chocolate filling or a chocolate and champagne truffle with strawberry filling to expand the palate and look.

3. Champagne Macarons– On my nights out in the city, I almost always indulge in some macarons and tea after dinner. Some of my favorite eat-ins in New York City for macarons are Bosie Tea Parlor down in the West Village. I find their macarons to have a perfect balance of filling and pastry, with my favorite being the lychee, raspberry macaron or teacake. My second favorite is actually located in midtown, Macaron Cafe. So, naturally I was curious about whether there is such a thing as a champagne macaron, and to my heart’s delight there is! The best part is that you can make it without leaving the comfort of your home. I’m excited to try this champagne macaron.

4. Champagne Pancakes- I stumbled upon another breakfast delight, ginger-champagne pancakes. Despite pancakes being a normal breakfast treat, I could definitely see myself serving these up for dessert. Perhaps it’s the color, the ginger or the champagne that gives it a versatile quality, but one thing is for sure I never thought pancakes and champagne would work. The ginger-champagne pancakes sticks closely to the likes of a traditional pancake with a few additional ingredients which include ground ginger, pink gel food coloring and of course champagne.

5. Sparkling Champagne Jello- Last but not least, I find this jello treat to look the most refreshing for the upcoming months of warm to hot weather. Upon stumbling onto this great recipe idea, I had to add the sparkling champagne and strawberries to my list. A champagne delight with an innocent twist of jello gives this dessert a youthful yet classy touch. Key ingredients in this yummy-looking snack include fresh strawberries, ginger ale, cold champagne and gelatin powder to give it it’s jello-y texture. Whisk it up yourself!