Easy To Style Chalkboard Menu Display

Chalkboard Menu Display FinalI love looking for different ways to add style to the table. I have stumbled upon a few creative ideas using chalkboards of chalkboard paint to create a menu board. I think it’s a wonderful idea for entertaining both smaller and larger parties at the dinner table and creating that cafe style look along with it.

I improvised a little with my chalkboard menu, as I don’t have any chalkboard paint at home. I simply used a black piece of poster board. What’s nice about the poster board is that it has the as similar matte coating effect as a chalkboard, and the white chalk comes our really nicely.

Step One Chalkboard Menu Display

I simply wrote down my menu items, of course it helps to have great penmanship, but the freehand can add to the charm. Next I placed my menu into a simple white 8 inch by 10 inch picture frame.

Step Two Chalkboard Menu Display

I dressed up my table with a few other items to amplify the rustic cafe style. I spray painted a wine bottle white and used it as a vase for my flowers. Also, during my last Loews trip I picked up some extra piping. I used one of the segments as a container for my eating utensils.