Delight Your Guests with Whimsical Butterfly Menu Cards

butterfly menu card diy

We are still far from Spring time, but that hasn’t kept me from thinking about it. A large part of setting a table is setting the mood for your guests. Home entertaining is an art form within itself, where you can unleash your inner creativity even before you satiate your guests’ palettes with delicious food.

I think there is a way to breath a three dimensional life into your place settings without having to bring the outdoors in, and in this DIY, I try to bring the garden to the table with elegant butterfly menu cards.

These are rather easy and quick to make. I have included a template below, which you can print out to create your very own menu card. Lets get started…


butter fly menu card materials

Tip: Print your menu items 2 3/4 inches from the top of your menu to provide room for your butterfly fixture.

Alright, here is what you will need to create your own butterfly menu card:

  • Paper butterfly cutouts (you can find a template at the end of this blog)
  • Wine cork
  • Pin
  • Cream colored oak tag with printed menu (about 6 inches in height and 4 1/2 inches in width)
  • Glue stick


glue butterfly body from templateAttach lower butterfly wine

Now we are ready to start assembling our butterfly. For this you will just need you paper cut outs and glue stick. The first thing you will want to do is glue the lower wings to the end of the butterfly body. Do this on each side of the butterfly.

attach upper butterfly wingglue butterfly body and wings

Once you have fastened the lower wings to the butterfly’s body you’ll want to apply the top wings. To do this make sure to coat the butterfly’s upper body with glue along with a portion of the lower wing. The top wings will slightly overlap the lower wings. After your butterfly has all wing sets, coat the center of the butterfly with glue.

paper butterfly with design

Her you’ll apply another body layer to the butterfly body. This layer is used to fasten the wings as well as it aesthetically conceals the wing tabs you glued to the butterfly.

butterfly wings handmade from paper

Your butterfly is almost ready to fly! Before fashioning your butterfly to the menu itself you’ll want to bend the lower wings back a little and the top forwards to give the butterfly a fluttering and three dimensional effect.

razor cut corkcork base for menu

OK, now we are ready to prep our menu on which our butterfly will rest. At this point you’ll want to razor cut a flat base on your cork. This will keep your cork from rolling around and it will allow your menu to rest on it comfortably.

Pin paper butterflypin butterfly to menu and cork

We have our base and menu ready, so we’ll be fastening the butterfly to each. You’ll need your pin in this step. I prefer a pin with a white head, but you can choose various colors for your guests. You will now slid the pin through the center of the butterfly body. I chose an area closer to the head so that the butterfly’s appears to be descending upon the menu card. Afterwards pin the butterfly through the center top of the menu card straight into the cork.

butterfly on menu card

And, there it is! Your butterfly menu is ready to go. Eventually the butterfly will lower itself along the pin as the paper opening widens, so you may want to use a small piece of Styrofoam and thread it from the bottom to the base of the pinhead (underneath the butterfly) to keep it from moving down.

butterfly menu card on orange plate

I decided to use floral patterned plates with my butterfly menu to give it the ultimate outdoors theme. Not only that, but the flowers and butterflies really bring the spring air in.

butterfly menu card on floral plate

Feel free to experiment with a variety of looks. These butterfly menus are a wonderful idea of bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or even a nice spring or summer brunch.

Butterfly Menu Template

Feel free to use this template to create your own butterfly menus. A great way to cut our all the details in the butterfly, is by using an exact-o knife. You’ll also want to cut out the details prior to cutting out each shape; this gives you more leverage when using your exact-o knife and keep the designs from tearing.

Happy Crafting!