“Outside the Box” Birthday Presents for Dad

His birthday rolls around only once a year, so it’s important to find something really special for dad. It’s not an easy task, I know.

Shopping for men is never simple, and it seems like every time you ask what they would like,  the answer is: “Oh, I don’t need anything. Besides I have everything, and anything I don’t, I can get”.

So what do you get for the man or rather dad that has “everything”? The answer is easy: just think “outside the box”. Ok, well thinking outside the box isn’t really that simple, especially when you don’t know where to start.

To help exercise your mind, we have compiled a list of 7 unique gift ideas for your Dad. We’ll help you grease the wheels for some “outside the box” brainstorming. And, for all the Dads reading this: listen up, we have got you covered!


Most dad’s are well connected today. Whether it is with iphones, ipads, laptops or other smart devices they have got the right technological tools.

Tip 1: Accessories dad’s connection to the world.

1. iPhone Case Meets Bottle Opener: These fun iPhone cases aren’t just to protect, but they are also useful for opening bottles.  After dad calls the neighbors over,with his phone, he can then pop the cap off his favorite beer without rummaging through the drawers for an opener. Each case includes a very handy slide-out bottle opener.

Photo via www.openacase.com

2. Ok, so your dad is not into beer, but I bet he carries around credit cards. This cool iphone case for the 4 and 4s, may be just what he needs. With various leather patterns and textures this case houses a slot in the back ready to accept all your dad’s plastic.

3. Hijack your dad’s mobile device and load it up with handy and functional apps. Check out this list of 10 Best Iphone App’s for dad. From golf to grilling, you’ll have him entertained for days.



What could dad use in the office? Well, aside from the usual pens, file cabinets, photo frames and more photo frames what about something relaxing?

Tip 2: Bring comfort from the home into dad’s office.

1. Ditch the massage gift card idea (besides, when will he ever find time to go?), and bring the massage to dad. Now he can get a Shiatsu message anytime with this attachable message seat topper.

2. Cut the chord and discover wire-free. Help your dad keep his desk clean with these blue tooth wireless speakers. They connect to his smartphone, tablet and laptops to stream his favorite jams.



Teach Dad how to kickback after work and look stylish while doing it.

Tip 3: Think of the “less” expected.

1. Slippers? Who wears slippers anymore? Well, you haven’t yet tried these  stylish and comfy slippers. Your dad will want to wear them not just at home, but everywhere! An ultra comfortable lining keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in  the winter.

2. And our very own and favorite! Spruce up dad’s barware collection with a set of these handmade Midnight Black cognac glasses. These light weight black glasses come in a gift set of 2. They are elegant and they are chic. The best part is, you won’t even have to wrap them! With Free gift wrapping we have got you “covered” (no pun intended).

Black Cognac Glasses Set of 2

So, there you have it! Hopefully, your mind is fast at work or your fingers are busy hitting the keyboard to punch in your orders. Either way, let your dad know how much you care with some “outside the box” gift ideas.



Martinka Crystal Team