5 Health Benefits for “Wine”-ing Guilt Free

Have you ever had a feeling of guilt wash over you when you though to yourself how you are going to unwind to your favorite bottle of wine at the end of the day? Well, think “guilt-free”. Studies and research suggest that red wines and white wines in moderation may have good daily and health benefits. Here’s a few you benefits of wine you should know:

1.  Age More Gracefully with Wine

In a study, Harvard Researchers suggest that women who drink alcohol in moderation have a better chance of staying healthy as they age. The study suggested that women in their late 50’s who averaged 3-15 alcoholich drinks per week had a higher chance of being free of health problems which may include chronic illnesses, physical disabilities and mental health problems.

2. Shrink Your Waistline with Wine

In a study of 20,000 women, women who drank alcohol in moderation put on less weight than their non-drinking counterparts. Red Wine in the study showed to provide the best results in keeping weight in check compared to other spirits.

3. Increase Your Heart Health with Wine

Studies now show that white wines may be good for your heart just as their red counterparts. The key lays in the pulp which includes heart healthy antioxidant compounds.

4. Defend Yourself Against Breast Cancer with Wine

A recent study done by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center may suggest that moderate red wine drinking may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. The study was published in the Journal of Women’s Health.

Studies in the past, have claimed that intake of alcohol in general elevated levels of estorgen fostering the growth of cancer cells. On the contrary, this new research indicated that chemicals in the skin and seeds of the red grapes slightly lowered estrogen levels and elevated testosterone levels thus suggesting that moderate red wine intake may reduce breast cancer risks.

5. Improve Your Cooking with Wine

According to Certified Wine Educator Mary Ross adding wine to your dishes may help bring out the flavors in your foods better than water, fat and oil. She indicates that wines used for cooking should be high quality wines, you yourself would drink. Wines specifically intended for cooking typically include unecessary additives like salt. A wine’s natural acidity is also great for marinating and tenderizing meats.