2013 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday buy your friends and loved ones something they will truly love. We have made it easy for you with our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide! Simply choose the characteristics that best fit those whom you are shopping for and and unravel what’s behind each gift. Happy Shopping!

3 Ways Martinka Crystal Makes Holiday Shopping Easy:

1. Free Shipping for Orders 90+

2. Complimentary Gift Wrapping Included with Each Order. Learn More.

3. Hand drawn Greeting Cards to personalize your gift.

Step One
Whom are you buying a present for? What best describes them? Are they laid back? Do they enjoy playing host or hostess? Or are they a combination of both? Each personality characteristic and combination represents a gift and greeting card option. Choose the gift and envelope icon that matches their traits.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Step 2
Once you have selected the gift and envelope that matches your chosen trait, find each below and click to unwrap what’s inside.


Fuego Vino Blanco Set of 4Kaleidocut White Wine GlassesEgyptian Blue PitcherMon Paris Red Wine Goblets Set of 4Mon Paris White Wine GobletsLong Stem Red Wine GlassMorning Frost White Wine Glasses Set of 4The Bubble BathMemories of RoxanneDarling DaisyMartinki TumblersHairstyle DiariesCrystal Tumbler Starter Set of 24Tall Boy TumblersIncogitoDowntown NightsGuys Night OutColada TumblersEgyptian Blue TumblersLetters from ParisAlexandrite Cordial GlassesClassical Long Stem White Wine GlassesPeacock FeathersMidnight Sky Black Glass Champagne FlutesLe Petit ChatonMidnight Sky Black Cognac GlassesMidnight Sky Black Glass Champagne SaucersDauphineMadame RoyalePatterns in the WildWillow Peak Champagne FlutesCamel RideSmokey Grey Wine GlassesGirls Night OutFuego Rojo Vino GlassesMorning Frost Red Wine Glasses