Cheers to the 2012 Gold Medalists

It’s a time to celebrate! The 2012 Olympics are upon us. And, as we draw closer to the end of the competition, the world’s gold medalists come together to celebrate their victories and hard work. We want to give a special congrats to all the participants and winners of the 2012 Olympics! You have worked for it and earned it. Great job!

“It’s just hard work, dedication and coaching.”- Jenn Suhr Gold Medal Winner in Women’s Pole Vault *

“I was just going out there trying to do my rountines the best I could and I did. I came out on top and I’m just so excited.”- Gabby Douglas Gold Medal Winner in All Around Women’s Gymnastics


Martinka Crystal


*John Meyer.”American Jenn Suhr wins Olympic pole vault gold, tops world-record holder.”The Denver Post. August 2012.

**Laura Smith-Spark and Steve Almasy.”Phelps puts another Olympics first in his legacy, Gabby Douglas takes gold”.CNN. August 2012.