Don’t let these stunning cocktails fool you! These refreshing summer cocktails aren’t just show-pieces they delicious and easy to make too. We think your friends and guests will love them, and you’ll definitely look like a pro serving them. Get a glimpse here and download all the step-by-step recipes below. Cheers!


gin and cucumber cocktail - show stopping cocktails

Did we say cucumber mint sorbet and gin? Up your gin game with homemade mint cucumber sorbet  and a muddled cucumber gin cocktail. Don’t worry you don’t need an ice cream machine for this one!


pearbrulee cocktail - show stopping cocktails

Part fresh “squeezed” pear juice with spices and part herbal liqueur (Becherovka), this cocktail is d-licious. It can only get better with a brûlèed pear garnish made by caramelizing a sugared pear slice.


strawberry froze - show stopping cocktails

This adult take on a child’s drink is perfect for the summer. It’s a lighthearted and spiked slushie with none other than rosè. Infuse sliced strawberries in rosè, freeze it, blend and serve up in a long stem wine glass.


kaluah and cold brew - show stopping cocktails

Master making cold brew this summer because it’ll come in handy with a little bit of Kaluah and vanilla ice cream.


whiskey and candy - show stopping cocktails

Try a traditional whiskey on the rocks, but up the game with this stunning piece de resistance. A mint candy garnish is the way to go, and all it takes is a bag of clear mints to make it, a saucepan and a little bit of food coloring.


grapefruit fizz - show stopping cocktails

This tequila grapefruit cocktail will keep you cool and tipsy. We especially love this “healthy” version which replaces soda with a little bit of honey and seltzer. It’s truly a great way to indulge with half the calories.


summer fling - show stopping cocktails

You’ll definitely end up having a summer fling with this cocktail. Part grapefruit, part herbal liqueur, part honey water and you got yourself a drink of unspeakable flavor.


gin and raspberry jam cocktail - show stopping cocktails

Raspberry jam and gin may sound like a questionable breakfast combo, but this unlikely duo poured over a glass of crushed ice is delectably refreshing. We do however recommend having a wholesome breakfast beforehand.


lemoncicle - show stopping cocktails

Who doesn’t like popsicle sticks in the summer? They are sweet and refreshing…oh and they go really well with champagne. This part gin and part champagne cocktail is sweetened and chilled with homemade lemonade popsicle sticks. The best part is you can share it with the kids… we mean the popsicle sticks, of course!


rose and grapefruit - show stopping cocktails

Because rosè alone isn’t enough sometimes, this grapefruit rose mix is perfect for those long hot summer days. Plus you are definitely getting some vitamins in with that raspberry grapefruit kabob.


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